Hey Jim,

Remember how in 2008 (when I was trying to start my life anew after being in prison for stalking you and had not contacted anyone in the media for over 6 months) you and your best mate in Paul Harris goaded me on 3RRR FM, just praying I would respond and once again breach the intervention order you managed to deceitfully obtain against me?



And that’s far from the worst of it, as you no doubt recall.

I remember you read out a scribbled note as pure gibberish and then said, “Now we don’t want anyone out there to think we’re sending secret, coded messages”, thereby ridiculing paranoid schizophrenics in general, thereby rubbing in the fact I had already been misdiagnosed as paranoid and imprisoned as a madman for protesting against (in breach of your intervention order) the secret messages you and Lawrence Money sent me in The Age.

When you said “you can damage them” (in the second clip) you were boasting about the damage you had already done to me and aiming to do more damage, weren’t you?

You really were hoping that many a corrupt shrink would misdiagnose me to be paranoid in regards to your attacks on me via 3RRR FM and “damage” me real good, weren’t you?

Well, here you go! Well done old man.



But do you remember your statement to the police after I responded to your performance on 3RRR FM, asking you to leave me alone and let me get on with my life?

The first thing the police asked when they called me on my phone (not being able to arrest me at my previous address, as you were hoping) was whether I was taking my meds.

So I’m guessing you didn’t tell the police that you had a jolly good time goading me on 3RRR FM and instead said I was a dangerous paranoid schizo and you were afraid of me.

I know for a fact when you made a statement to the police in 2011, after I contacted you again, that you made no mention of having a jolly old time goading me both on 3RRR FM and in The Age…



Poor Jim: the twisted, dishonest, arrogant fascist pig.

You’ve never told the police in a statement about me that you goaded me in The Age or on 3RRR FM, have you?

You’ve always just dishonestly demonized me as a dangerous and frightening paranoid schizophrenic, haven’t you, in attempts to “damage” me, to quote you again from the second clip above?

Poor Jim. Do you remember what you called me when I confronted you outside the old Age building and made you scream and shout?

A perverted loon.

I guess it takes one to know one, right?

But unlike you (and possibly some of your former friends at The Age) I have never deliberately perverted the course of justice by making misleading statements to the police and magistrates.

That’s really, really bad.

And do you think the police are going to believe your lies this time around?

Until next time,

M.J. Hudson.


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