Hello old friend,

Just a fairly short letter today, a request for a little bit of help.

You’ve always fallen short of the basic human decency required to help me in the past, both after and before I egged you in the street outside the 3RRR FM building in Brunswick East in 2005, but try, try again.

Can you please confirm, for the state psychiatrist and the Victorian police, that your former colleague at The Age in Lawrence Money was (1) referring to the fact I egged you in the not-so-cryptic message I’ve highlighted below, (2) attempting to excuse – in the not-so-cryptic message – a truly cryptic message in which he (via a story about Ron Boswell, which otherwise had nothing to do with me) referred to the fact I egged you, and (3) that both messages were designed to be secret, coded messages at the expense of my so-called “paranoid schizophrenia”?


Because as you know very well old friend, it no doubt being a delight to you when you’re lying in bed at night, many psychiatrists in Melbourne have all deemed me delusional to think Lawrence Money sent me cryptic secret messages in The Age to ridicule my so-called “paranoid schizophrenia”.

I tells them, I says I twice egged you in the street on that fateful day and that Lawrence Money’s “Egg on the Face” messages were a punishment for that, but they only come up with mad reports almost completely full of bullshit…which the police, lawyers and Magistrates all have blind faith in.


And while I have you, can you also please confirm two other things?

Do you remember when I tried to meet with you outside the 3RRR FM building (to apologise in person for egging you) and you with a bunch of your film snob buddies sent me packing just by pointing at me in unison?

Can you confirm, for the benefit of future letters to your best mate in Jim Schembri, the chief psychiatrist and the police, that this drawing by Schembri, not a noted illustrator, which appeared with an Age article written by Schembri, was mainly meant for my eyes?

It’s Schembri, isn’t it, pointing at me as you and your film snob buddies pointed at me?


For the love of Mike!!!

You know Schembri has always told the police and Magistrates that I’m a paranoid madman to think he or anyone else at The Age secretly addressed me in The Age in any way, shape or form, right?

And can you confirm, for both the state psychiatrist and the police, that this is you and your best mate Jim Schembri both ridiculing my so-called “paranoid schizophrenia” and rubbing in the fact I’d been wrongly deemed paranoid by shrinks, cops, lawyers and Magistrates in relation to secret messages addressed to me by Schembri and Money in The Age ?

As you can see in the psych report above, the shrinks are so mad and corrupt they also write me off as being delusional in regards to my belief that this is you and Schembri ridiculing my so-called “paranoid schizophrenia” on 3RRR FM.

And the gullible police think I’m delusional too, thanks partly to both the application for the intervention order you took out to stop me from asking you to help me correct my shrinks and your statement to the police when I breached the order, both of which are a bit light on the truth in that you didn’t mention you attacked me on 3RRR FM and that I’m a poor victim of corrupt shrinks. In fact, both misrepresented me as a dangerous madman, didn’t they?




Don’t be evil, old boy.

Don’t let a poor old schizo be demonized by the state.


M.J. Hudson.


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