Dear Dr Allam,

I see you’ve done and are doing quite well for yourself.

To quote from your profile at the American Center for Psychiatry and Neurology

Dr. Mohammed Allam received his Diploma (DPP) in Psychiatry in 1997 from Guy’s Hospital in London, UK, and Ain Shams University in Cairo, Egypt. He then completed his Master’s Degree (MSc) in Neuropsychiatry at Ain Shams University in 1998. Dr. Allam completed his Doctorate (MD) in Psychiatry in Egypt in 2011. Dr. Allam was accredited by the Arab Board in Psychiatry in 2001, and is a qualified Consultant Psychiatrist. He has held the Fellowship of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists in Melbourne, Australia, since 2009.

Dr. Allam worked for 14 years in Australia, and has worked as a Consultant Psychiatrist in 6 Australian states. He has worked in Adult Psychiatry, including outpatient, inpatient, and emergency psychiatry. During his work in Newcastle, Australia, Dr. Allam was a lecturer in Psychiatry in Newcastle University. Prior to working in Australia, Dr. Allam worked in Adult Psychiatry for 10 years in Egypt.

Dr. Allam is interested in treating a wide variety of psychiatric disorders including depression, anxieties, OCD, PTSD, and psychoses. He is fluent in Arabic. He is also a Recognized Supervisor for junior doctors and college trainees for the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists.

That’s quite impressive, old boy, quite impressive, indeed.

What is far less impressive though – although you made quite an impression on me when you were briefly my psychiatrist in 2006 at the Darebin Community Health Centre in Melbourne, an impression that has only grown deeper and more devastating over the 12 years since – is your take on my belief that both Lawrence Money and Jim Schembri sent me secret coded messages via The Age…


Do you remember telling me I was clearly delusional because Lawrence Money and Jim Schembri would never bother addressing a no one like me via The Age, either openly or secretly, as they are VERY IMPORTANT PEOPLE with VERY IMPORTANT WORK to do concerning VERY IMPORTANT PEOPLE, and what’s more are rich and probably drive expensive cars, whereas I have never even owned a car or licence?

How very scientific of you, Doctor.

Do you remember that I then challenged your corrupt bullshit – born partly out of your silly class warfare against the mentally ill – by reminding you that the Herald Sun openly attacked me in their gossip column and you got all upset and said I had “no insight” into my illness?

Do you still say no one in media would bother addressing a no one like me?



Do you still say I wasn’t addressed via secret messages in The Age at all?



Dr Allam, do you recall writing a report for the police, lawyers and Magistrates in which you, perhaps to go along with the misdiagnosis of your superior at the time in Dr Suresh Sundram, misdiagnosed me to be delusional in regards to my belief that both Lawrence Money and Jim Schembri sent me secret coded messages via The Age?

Do you recall, in other words, misleading the courts?

Because you misled the courts, if not deliberately still corruptly, and what a devastating effect your corruption has had on my life!

Of course the cops, lawyers and Magistrate practiced blind faith in your misdiagnosis, and of course when you departed the scene to conquer Australia and the world my next psychiatrist went along with your misdiagnosis, as did the next and the next and the next and the next…

Here we are 12 long years later and I still have to endure corrupt, conformist psychiatrists telling me I’m delusional to think both Lawrence Money and Jim Schembri sent me secret coded messages via The Age to ridicule my so-called “paranoid schizophrenia”…


You’ve done well for yourself over the last 12 years, good doctor, and continue to do well for yourself.

Alas, as a direct result of your evil bullshit I’ve slowly grown so psychologically disturbed over the last 12 years I might yet take my own life one day.

Until next time,

hang your big head in shame,

M.J. Hudson.






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