Hello Dr Long,

I was just wondering, given these here blog posts are available for everyone in the world to read, and given you’re no longer working at the Alfred hospital’s psychiatric outpatient clinic and might not feel so much darn pressure to conform to the warped view of myself held by your former superiors there, whether you’d like to change this report of yours in any way?





Because thanks to you – and other silly, corrupt, conformist company doctors who have demonized me – I’m still being forced to endure such maddening bullshit at the Alfred’s outpatient clinic almost 5 years later!

And while I have you, was it you who threatened to sue me for defamation around 2 years ago for tweeting such reports and saying you’re full of maddening bullshit?

You probably thought you won a small but righteous victory when I deleted the tweets, right?

But really, what choice did I have?

As you no doubt know, just because I tweeted a bunch of people the reports, exposing the corrupt madness of every shrink I’ve been forced to see in the last 12 years, a bunch of top shrinks reached the consensus I was “psychotic” and should be incarcerated in the Alfred’s psych ward.

I had to delete the tweets to get the hell out of that gulag!

For 10 or more long days I was incarcerated there, for around a week in the draconian acute ward, just for sanely tweeting what I’m now sanely blogging at this site, so that’s a fairly accurate description of the place, if you as ask me: a gulag.

Do you know any good lawyers in this town?

Until next time,

M.J. Hudson.






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