Hello again old friend.

On Monday, in addressing your cruel fascist attack on me and every other so-called “paranoid schizophrenic” via 3RRR FM in 2008, an attack you perpetrated even though I had kept to my private vow to never again contact anyone in the media for 6 months in the hope of leaving the past behind, including the month I spent in prison for breaching the intervention order you took out against me, I accused you – as I accused you in court after I breached the intervention order – of secretly attacking me via The Age, an accusation you told the police and Magistrate Jelena Popovic, in lobbying for my imprisonment, was the delusion of a terrifying madman, and on Tuesday I presented at least some of the evidence in my case against you in the form of half an article you wrote for The Age.

Well, today I want to discuss – as it relates to me on a secretive level – the full article, which you wrote after I contacted you many times, no doubt both in a friendly and threatening fashion, no doubt after I had threatened to egg you, seeking an apology or at least an official confirmation of the fact that Lawrence Money sent me secret coded messages via The Age to ridicule my so-called “paranoid schizophrenia”, a vile campaign of secret abuse that (like your own vile campaign of secret abuse) was partly inspired by the fact I had not only spray-painted “Read Between The Lines” on the then Age building but egged your best mate, the esteemed film guru Paul Harris, in the street outside the 3RRR building.



You didn’t waste any time in getting to me, did you? There’s your real intention to secretly attack me right there in the subheading, which you no doubt wrote yourself…

In the age of threat-speak, everyone’s a target. Especially you.

You couldn’t just leave it at “In the age (The Age) of threat-speak, everyone’s a target”. You had to add the “Especially you” to really grab my attention, didn’t you?

And there’s the illustration by the noted artist Jim Schembri to add that extra little bit of pow.

As I asked Paul Harris on Tuesday

Do you remember when I tried to meet with you outside the 3RRR FM building (to apologise in person for egging you) and you with a bunch of your film snob buddies sent me packing just by pointing at me in unison?

Can you confirm, for the benefit of future letters to your best mate Jim Schembri, the chief psychiatrist and the police, that this drawing by Schembri, not a noted illustrator, which appeared with an Age article written by Schembri, was mainly meant for my eyes?

It’s Schembri, isn’t it, pointing at me as you and your film snob buddies pointed at me?

And do I really need to go on?

The article is littered with secret jibes at my expense, right?

Why don’t you just admit to me in an email that your intention in this article was to aggravate me as best you could (and earn a 5-star LOL from your film snob mates) by secretively painting me not as I saw myself – as someone righteously defending the human rights of the mentally ill against the cruelty of the Man – but as a crazy and pathetic nuff-nuff of an activist?

To quote again from your article…

For the love of Mike.

You even went as far as to ridicule me, secretively, cowardly, as not just a wannabe terrorist but as a “God of terrorism”, as someone with the potential to inspire real acts of terrorism, didn’t you?

Why don’t you just admit to me in an email that a few of your articles in The Age contain devious underhanded attacks on me?

Because you never know what I’ll recall about your work in the future.

And because as you know, since 2006 corrupt shrinks have all deemed me to be completely bonkers because I think you and your old pal at The Age in Lawrence Money attacked me in The Age in a devious underhanded manner


Until next time,

M.J. Hudson.






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