Dear Dr Shields,

What is it with you psychiatrists and all your talk that I “lack insight”?




And look at how my conformist social worker of a case manager in Liam McIntrye practiced blind faith in your opinions: “Insightless”? “Nil insight into illness?”




It is really, really, really maddening because it is not myself who lacks insight, being completely sane in rejecting your opinion that I’m delusional to think I was attacked by media figures in a devious, underhanded, lowdown fashion, but you psychiatrists and social workers, and as I’ve presented you all with the clear evidence and you still maintain I’m delusional, to a delusional degree, a sick degree.

This “lack of insight” business really is partly the cause of the sickness that’s blinded you, Dr Shields.

At what point in your career did you lose your way, Dr Shields, and have you become so corrupt as to automatically dismiss every psychiatric patient who questions your opinions as being so mad they lack insight into their illness?

It really is an easy and arrogant reflex action for you now, isn’t it?

The whole game is all too easy for you now, isn’t it, when you’re always right in your assessments and treating patients is normally as easy as prescribing medication and forcing them to take it if need be?

Maybe you need to rediscover your younger, uncertain and wiser self, your inner Socrates, who of course maintained  that…


Maybe you should begin your education again by reading a bit of Plato. Maybe you should read A Very Short Introduction to Psychiatry!


Because right now, Dr Shields, you are only great in being a great abuser of the mentally ill, a great abuser of the power invested in you by the state and a great abuser of psychiatry.

Hang your big head in shame, you dumb bastard. And bastards and bitches you truly are at the Alfred.

Such blindness cannot be caused by this “lack of insight” business alone.  To be so blind – and think my beliefs concerning the media the symptoms of a disease – you all needed to also have it in for me.

Take for instance the fact that although she knew I have (to quote from your report above) a “history of stalking and harassing several media figures” including Paul Harris and Jim Schembri (who I stalked all the way into prison!), your former underling in Tracy Long reckoned I was sick – SICK! – to think this is Jim Schembri referring to me as “that stalker guy” to Paul Harris on 3RRR FM.

Talk about lacking insight. Talk about having it in for me. And you’re no better. In fact, as you’re the overbearing leader who led your conformist underlings astray, you’re worse.

Until next time,

M.J. Hudson.


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