Hello Liam,

Yesterday, in criticizing Dr Robert Shields, your former boss at the Alfred’s psychiatric outpatient clinic, and the psychiatric practice of automatically dismissing patients who question the judgement of psychiatrists as being so mad they “lack insight” into their illness, I pointed out your adoption of the practice yourself as my case manager at the clinic…



Not just a “lack of insight” but “Nil insight into illness“!

Man, you really had it in for me, didn’t you?

Do you remember when you last got out of bed in the morning and went to work as a social worker and not as a completely uncritical sycophant to every stupid and corrupt psychiatrist?

Wikipedia defines social work as…

…an academic discipline and profession that concerns itself with individuals, families, groups and communities in an effort to enhance social functioning and overall well-being.

How do you think it affects a man’s “social functioning and overall well-being” to oh-so-clearly be wrongly deemed delusional for 12+ years not just by corrupt shrink after corrupt shrink after corrupt shrink, but by a long succession of dumbass, conformist nurses and a long succession of dumbass, conformist social workers, not to mention by many dumbass, conformist police officers, lawyers, Magistrates and family members?

And you no doubt just put my avoidant personality disorder down to my so-called schizophrenia.

And you had the nerve to be critical of my drinking, as though you’re my fucking Dad.

It appears we need, to help protect the public from uncritical social workers and their crazy psychiatric gods, to remind social workers that their job is to serve the public before the psychiatric establishment, to keep every social worker 100% honest, a state-appointed psychologist critical of psychiatry to be involved in all psychiatric cases involving involuntary patients.

We need every case manager to report on a monthly basis to a state-appointed psychologist critical of psychiatry and for the psychologist to accept complaints from patients.

Now I know you think that to be critical of psychiatry is to be “anti-psychiatry“, even when the person being critical is a level-headed mental health pro like the author of Cracked (Why Psychiatry Is Doing More Harm Than Good) in James Davies


So I stress that you can be critical of something without being against it completely, and all the journalists and mental health pros who wrote these fine books critical of psychiatry have moved well beyond the anti-psychiatry movement of the 60’s…




And we need every university course in social work to include a compulsory unit on psychiatry that features some of the fine books above, along with the disturbing case study of McIntyre Vs Hudson.

Until next time,

Hang your disturbing head in shame,

M.J Hudson.








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