Hello Dr Chait,

Do you remember the classic Chinese whispers scene from The PTA Disbands episode of The Simpsons?

Well, Bart Simpson is the psychiatrist at Forensicare who wrote a false report about me that was passed on to the Alfred just after I became an involuntary patient at the Alfred in 2013, the many psychiatrists I’ve been forced to see there since, the turnover of psychiatrists being so frequent, are the school employees on strike, and I’m the Alfred’s “purple monkey dishwasher”.

In other words, by the time you came to see me, after you read Forensicare’s caricaturistic report on me and the caricaturistic reports made by the psychiatrists at the Alfred I was forced to see before you, each of whom no doubt added a false touch of their own to my image, I was a caricature warped beyond recognition and thanks to you I was twisted even further out of shape.

What a complete dog’s breakfast of untruth!


And I ain’t your dog, Dr Chait.

I have never confronted any Triple J announcer on the street, period, but thanks to you I’m betting the shrinks who followed you all think I did, along with harassing Paul Harris of Triple R.

And regarding my “persecutory system”, I wouldn’t be surprised if the shrinks who followed you all think (1) people complained about me on Twitter for trying to score an apology from 3RRR for “having a go” at me and (2) I threatened legal action against these Twitter critics, or (1) people complained on Twitter about the “3RRR journalist” who put out an intervention order against me for putting an intervention order out against me and (2) the “3RRR journalist” threatened to sue these Twitter critics, when what you should have reported is that you just can’t trust Jim Schembri

Age film critic and senior writer Jim Schembri has been sacked from his position following revelations he had repeatedly dobbed on the employers of his Twitter critics and hinted at taking legal action under the auspices of Fairfax Media. Crikey understands the buff met with Age editor Paul Ramadge this week after Crikey — and later The Australian — ran stories on the saga. An initial agreement to bring forward a pre-booked slab of leave to cool off appears to have been shelved, with Ramadge deciding instead to cut his losses. Schembri is an Age veteran, starting at the paper in 1984 after previous stints as a copy boy for TV Week and New Idea. Sources inside The Age newsroom told Crikey this morning that Schembri had worn out his welcome with management after several public controversies, including last year’s “How I Punk’d the Twitterverse” scandal in which he reverse-engineered an elaborate ruse to explain a review that spoiled the ending of Scream 4. Rather than admit the error, Schembri penned a think piece for the paper’s storied Insight section explaining how he had set out — in advance — to confound his Twitter critics. Some Media House scribes say The Age should have demonstrated a better duty of care over the years given Schembri’s unpredictable behaviour, but others say “he was given an enormous amount of slack” by management.

Your whole report is full of stupidity but there’s one false touch of your own that really stands out, that is almost pure Lior Chait, 100% stupid, and I’m betting the shrinks who followed you have all been corrupted by this breathtaking piece of stupidity too: I mean, regarding my “persecutory system”, to think I’m paranoid to think Lawrence Money “had a go” at me in The Age is pretty fucking stupid, as is thinking I’m paranoid to think Jim Schembri and Paul Harris “had a go” at me on 3RRR, but to even think I’m paranoid to think the Herald Sun “had a go” at me, is such a level of stupidity even possible?


I can only answer myself now in saying no, such a level of stupidity isn’t possible. What you are, Dr Chait, is corrupt. What you are is a little fascist pig who enjoys walking all over the mentally ill in your little fascist boots. Because it makes you feel that little bit taller.

And I know you were among the shrinks who – 2 years ago – complained about me for sanely tweeting what I’m sanely blogging here and threatened to sue me for defamation while I was incarcerated in the Alfred’s psych ward for being “psychotic”. I know because I can remember alerting you to the tweets via an email.

So what are you gonna do this time, big boy?

Until next time,

M.J. Hudson.