Hello Sadeep,

Now it’s my turn to ask the questions.

Firstly, were you at all influenced by any of Dr Lior Chait’s reports on me before “forming your own opinion” regarding my mental health?


Because yesterday I theorized that the Chinese whispers effect was partly responsible for the fact that my image has been warped beyond recognition, leaving me a very pale version of myself.

As I put it to Dr Chait…

…by the time you came to see me, after you read Forensicare’s caricaturistic report on me and the caricaturistic reports made by the psychiatrists at the Alfred I was forced to see before you, each of whom no doubt added a false touch of their own to my image, I was a caricature warped beyond recognition and thanks to you I was twisted even further out of shape.

And I noticed that you, after the corrupt Dr Chait had come and gone at the Alfred’s outpatient clinic, not only used an exact same phrase as Dr Chait in a report on me, namely “harassing Paul Harris care of Triple R”, but appear to have made the same truly unbelievably stupid mistake as Dr Chait in reporting that I’m not just delusional to think Lawrence Money and Jim Schembri attacked me in The Age, and delusional to think Paul Harris and Jim Schembri attacked me on 3RRR FM, but delusional to think the Herald Sun attacked me too…

Sadeep 1



You’re no doubt a mindless conformist like all the shrinks I was forced to see before you and have been forced to see since, and I bet the Chinese whispers effect is partly to blame for the twisting of my image, but there’s more to your stupidity.

Do you really expect me to believe that such a staggering display of stupidity is possible without you having it in for this poor old schizo?

And you were the main force (being the head shrink at the Alfred’s outpatient clinic) behind my incarceration in the psych ward at the Alfred, were you not?

When it’s clear not only that you have it in for me but were all too eager to serve “media organisations and media personalities” in incarcerating me in the psych ward, including the devil Jim Schembri, and when my only “crime” was to angrily contact and criticize the Alfred and the media on Twitter, how do you expect me to believe that the psych ward is not a gulag?



Do you, Dr Saraf, think that an angry psychiatric patient is always a crazy psychiatric patient in need of hospitalisation and higher doses of medication?

Don’t you think it dehumanizes psychiatric patients to always medicalize their anger?

You, Dr Saraf, remind me of an old magazine advertisement for an anti-psychotic drug…

haldol_test3Until next time, you old charmer,

M.J. Hudson.

P.S. And as I explained to you before, I only identify myself as M.J. Hudson because an American poet by the name of Michael Hudson has already established himself as a poet.

It has nothing to do, as you thought, with me thinking I’m “as great as Michael Jackson”.

But you can be sure I won’t stop ’til I get enough.