Hello Dr Patel,

Don’t you think it’s kind of strange and funny (in a tragic way) that my problems with psychiatrists really started after I emailed some gossip columnists the Confucius saying “the gossip monger is the outcast of virtue” and I was secretly attacked by one of the gossip columnists in response?

I mean, because just about all the psychiatrists I’ve been forced to see since I protested against being secretly attacked by the gossip columnist and another journalist at The Age have acted like vicious gossip mongers, if you ask me, and they have got me horribly wrong as a result.

Along with some psychiatrists I have never met in my life.

You, Dr Patel, I have never had the displeasure of meeting in my life and yet you thought you were in a strong position to pass judgment on my mental state based – no doubt mostly – on a report written by Professor Paul Mullen, the clinical director of Forensicare.

Here’s “your thoughts” on my mental state at the time…



Do you think any psychiatrist, Dr Patel, should be able to pass judgement on a person without ever having met that person?

Don’t you think the chances of mistakes being passed from psychiatrist to psychiatrist would be somewhat slighter if no psychiatrist could pass judgement on a person without first meeting that person in person to assess him or her?

And Dr Patel, don’t you think it’s possible I became “increasingly hostile” to Dr John Robertson of Chandler House in Upper Ferntree Gully and “uncooperative with continued community treatment” not because he slightly reduced my medication but because Dr John Robertson is either a motherfucking fool or motherfucking corrupt or motherfucking both and I wanted to move on with my life without that motherfucker in it?

Can you explain, Dr Patel, why you thought it’s “important to view…any…harassing or threatening behaviour towards others” on my part as an “indication” I’m “unwell” and possibly need to be treated in a psych ward?

You, Dr Patel, remind me of an old magazine advertisement for an anti-psychotic drug…

haldol_test3Do you, Dr Patel, think that an angry psychiatric patient is always a crazy psychiatric patient in need of hospitalisation and higher doses of medication?

Don’t you think it dehumanizes psychiatric patients to always medicalize their anger?

And how, Dr Patel, would you characterize your own personal relationship with the drug companies that produce psychiatric medication?

Save it for the Royal Commission into Mental Health, Doctor.

M.J Hudson.