Hello Dr Robertson,

I put it to you that you are both stupid and corrupt and not only held me back from moving forward into a “functional life” while I was your involuntary patient at Chandler House in Upper Ferntree Gully between 2008-2010, but have held me back since as a link in the chain of stupid and corrupt shrinks I’ve been forced to see between 2013-2018.


Michael has evidence for reference to him in the paper, and circumstantial evidence for some allusions to him subsequently.  However he has attached sinister meaning to these and, with what appears to be delusional intensity, embarked on a zealous campaign of retribution. Even now he finds it hard to move forward into a functional life, but blames psychiatric services for holding him back – by branding him as a mental patient.

I put it to you that you’re a silly and pathetic conformist who – like the foolish and corrupt shrinks I was forced to see before you and Dr Gunvant Patel of Forensicare, who wrote to you about me even though he’s never personally assessed me – had it in for this poor abused schizo.

You must have had it in for me, Dr Robertson, to think I was delusional to attach “sinister meaning” not only to the secret messages Jim Schembri and the AMAZING AUSSIE BASTARD Lawrence Money sent me via the Age, but to the Herald Sun’s attack on me too, don’t you think?

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 7.39.33 pm
Lawrence Money sending me a secret message in The Age


Lawrence Money “apologising” for calling me a joke via secret messages in The Age

You remember me telling you that I had spray-painted “Who am I?” on the Herald and Weekly Times building some years prior to being attacked in the Herald Sun, right? Because the Herald Sun could clearly remember this crime. That – to tell you again – is what inspired their “who’s this Michael Hudson?” angle in their story and that’s why the story can accurately be described as having a secretive and – given they knew me to be a diagnosed schizo – somewhat sinister line of attack.


And you must have stupidly had it in for this poor abused schizo to think I was suffering from a case of “grumbling paranoia” to think Jim Schembri goaded me on 3RRR FM, knowing that I had been imprisoned for stalking Jim Schembri and attacked – in the street outside the 3RRR building – the former 3RRR personality with whom Schembri was chatting…





And you, Dr Robertson, perhaps following the advice Dr Patel of Forensicare gave you that  it’s “important to view…any…harassing or threatening behaviour towards others” on my part as an “indication” I’m “unwell” and possibly need to be treated in a psych ward, put it down to my mental illness that I took “offence at (your) insinuations that (my) anger is a sign of mental illness”, didn’t you?


I remember that you put it down to my mental illness and not only increased my medication but incarcerated me in the psych ward at Maroondah Hospital when I angrily told you in an email that I was going to write a novel based on my life in which you were going to get your “just desserts”…


How extremely aggravating, Dr Robertson.

You – along with Dr Gunvant Patel and Dr Sadeep Saraf – remind me of an old magazine advertisement for an anti-psychotic drug…

haldol_test3So as I asked Dr Patel and Dr Saraf, do you, Dr Robertson, think that an angry psychiatric patient is always a crazy psychiatric patient in need of hospitalisation and higher doses of medication?

Don’t you think it dehumanizes psychiatric patients to always medicalize their anger?

And how, Dr Robertson, would you characterize your own personal relationship with the drug companies that produce psychiatric medication?

Save it for the Royal Commission into Mental Health, Doctor.