Hello Mr Mahoney,


You probably don’t remember me all that well, having ruled on so many cases as a legal member for the Mental Health Tribunal, so let me refresh your memory by telling you, as I told you before you upheld my community treatment order, the real story of how I’ve been fucked over by journalists and a string of shrinks, nurses and social workers so stupid and corrupt as to be insane….

And you were no better when I appealed against my community treatment order, Mr Mahoney.

Isn’t it the case, Mr Mahoney, that you had little time for my story of psychiatric abuse, choosing for the most part to be hostile towards me and so domineering that the “community member” on the tribunal didn’t dare to speak a single word?

Isn’t it the case, Mr Mahoney that your judgement was so clouded by your personal hatred of my distant crimes – perhaps because you deeply respect The Age – that when I pretty much proved to you the obvious truth that Lawrence Money ridiculed my schizophrenia via secret messages in The Age you said something along the lines of “So what? It still doesn’t justify throwing bricks through the front door of the Age building?”

In other words, Mr Mahoney, didn’t you force me to endure another 12 months of psychiatry not because you thought I was delusional to think Lawrence Money had ridiculed my schizophrenia via secret messages in The Age but because you wanted to punish me for the crimes I committed in protesting against The Age?

Mr Mahoney, do you, a former President of the Australian New Zealand Association of Psychiatry Psychology and Law, believe that punitive psychiatry has a proper place in the world?

Some psychiatrists think that any “harassing or threatening behaviour” on my part should be regarded as a sign I’m unwell and possibly require hospitalisation…


Some shrinks even think that any anger on my part should be regarded as a sign I’m unwell…


Did you think I must be crazy and in need of involuntary treatment because I was once – at different times – crazy and angry and threatening and violent in the distant past, Mr Mahoney?

Don’t you think, Mr Mahoney, that there’s a fine line between such thinking – between thinking an angry or threatening or violent person with a psychiatric condition is always an unwell person and will always be an unwell person forever and ever amen – and punitive psychiatry being practiced here in Australia?

And finally Mr Mahoney, are you against the promised Royal Commission into Mental Health and if so is it because you fear being forced to answer such questions at a Royal Commission?



M.J. Hudson